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What is SOA?

Respond to business changes quickly and lower IT costs with SOA
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Want to know where you are on the road to SOA?

Improve business agility with SOA
Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an architectural approach that enables your IT organisation to modernise your applications and improve business agility. Typically, your company may respond to new business needs by building or acquiring single-purpose applications. SOA allows you to plan, build and deliver capabilities as easily combined, well-described, re-useable services.
SOA provides core business and IT capabilities as re-useable modules, otherwise known as shared services. These services are:
  • Well described
  • Enforce run-time policies
  • Loosely coupled
  • Designed and built for re-use or consumption

Through the use of shared services, you can respond more quickly and efficiently to new business demands. You can also combine these services into new business applications or composite applications to support new business processes.

SOA maturity model

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Using our SOA maturity model, we help you define a roadmap that matches your unique business requirements and technical capabilities.