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HP’s Approach to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Manage the lifecycle of your modern applications in a SOA environment
IDC research IDs key SOA success factors >> View the webinar What does SOA governance mean? >> View the video.
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Carphone Warehouse increases SOA adoption by focusing on governance capabilities
Carphone Warehouse increases SOA adoption
Your organisation is adopting SOA in order to build and deliver new applications and business services faster, better and cheaper. But will you be ready when those SOA applications are deployed into production?
SOA brings many changes to production operations, and we can help you manage and improve your service level agreements. Our SOA management products and services help you:
  • Track your end-user experience
  • Enforce run-time policies
  • Obtain rich reporting, monitoring and diagnostics for both your SOA and non-SOA environments
  • Gain visibility into performance or availability issues before they affect your users
  • Uncover service relationships, discover ungoverned 'rogue' services and bring them under management
Your SOA solutions don’t live in a silo, and your approach to managing SOA should not either. Our SOA software solutions deliver powerful end-to-end service management capabilities across your SOA environment

End-to-end SOA software solutions

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