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HP’s Approach to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Manage the lifecycle of your modern applications in a SOA environment
IDC research IDs key SOA success factors >> View the webinar What does SOA governance mean? >> View the video.
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Carphone Warehouse increases SOA adoption by focusing on governance capabilities
Carphone Warehouse increases SOA adoption
SOA brings change across people, processes and technology. SOA agility comes with many more moving parts to manage. To get a handle on SOA and speed adoption, you must address visibility, trust, consistency and control.
SOA Governance delivers the best practices and automated software to address these SOA challenges. It delivers a proven way to manage services and their dependencies as they go through their lifecycles.
With SOA Governance, your organisation can:
  • Establish visibility with a system of record for services and their dependencies
  • Deliver the right information to the right people at the right time to support trust for re-use
  • Drive process automation for lifecycle management
  • Manage and enforce the key policies to drive consistent behaviour through the lifecycle
  • Provide measurement and feedback on SOA compliance and adoption
'Don’t put off Governance. It’s important to get corporate policies and standards into place and enforced early in the development of services, to avoid rework and fragmentation' – A Study in Critical Success Factors for SOA, IDC Research, September 2008
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