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HP Secure Advantage portfolio

Improve your security—from the desktop to the data center
ProCurve ONE: The Open Network Ecosystem Looking for the key to secure data storage?
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Protect the confidentiality of your data, integrity of your resources, and continuity of your operations

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Compliance validation
Meet your compliance requirements by automating the assembly, review, analysis, approval, and audit of compliance evidence. Our compliance validation portfolio enables you to enact policies and procedures that protect your company, customer, and partner data.
Working with a wide range of security solutions, helps you:
  • Improve your security controls via advanced auditing, logging, analysis, and scanning capabilities
  • Monitor internal controls of key business processes and their supporting applications and infrastructure continuously
  • Manage your networks and troubleshoot problems before they adversely impact your environment
  • Reduce the chance of inadvertently destroying information or giving access to unauthorized personnel

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