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Implementing grid computing

Solve real business problems with grid computing
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Harness the power of your distributed IT resources

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Grid computing is a powerful IT model that helps you improve collaboration within and outside your organisation. When done correctly, a grid implementation enables you to virtualise your resources and share them as services across your enterprise. Using a range of products, services and industry-standard building blocks, we help you build a grid that solves your business problems.

Designing and implementing a grid

Building a grid that meets your specific business problems requires experience and expertise. Our service professionals help you design, architect, implement and run a grid implementation based on open-source solutions and products.
Key services include:

Choosing the right grid-enabling technologies

Advance clustering, virtualisation, utility computing, high-performance computing, Web services, security and enterprise management are essential to effective grid computing. We have made significant investments in these areas, including working to grid-enable our products that connect to the network. We are developing grid-enhancing management software for all our platforms, which improves your ability to manage your entire grid environment.
Key technologies and products include:

Partnering for success

Partnerships with leading grid vendors provide you with a broad choice of grid solutions. Working with our partners, we can help you design a grid infrastructure that is right for your environment.
Key partners include:
» AxceleonAxceleon
» DigipedeDigipede
» Oracle
» Univa UDUniva UD

Getting a quick start on your implementation