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iSCSI SAN Solutions

Building a more cost-effective SAN
Rethink server virtualisation. Think HP LeftHand SANs
Content starts here Unlock virtualisation potential with efficient storage
Companies of every size embrace iSCSI SANs to:
  • Save money
  • Simplify storage expansion
  • Improve data availability
Consider iSCSI SANs to help you:
  • Extend the business value of past and future IT investments
  • Control costs and boost operational efficiencies

Which HP iSCSI solution works best for you?

Extend the benefits of your SAN with iSCSI infrastructure products

Achieve simplicity and affordability

Simplify your data centre with ProCurve Networking

Consolidate storage with a dedicated storage area network

Improve storage access with accelerated iSCSI on ProLiant servers

Protect your data with Disk-Based Data Protection