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Interactive kiosks are increasingly common today as consumers, partners and employees demand access to fast, simple and convenient self-service options. As you automate your services, kiosk technology helps you meet the demands of this growing market.

These customised solutions are built to certified quality standards on premium technology. Professional installation services, training and field response help you get started quickly and cost effectively.

Human Resources

Self service kiosks for human resourcesImprove employee reach and effectiveness
Use HR kiosks to provide convenient and consistent information to employees. Representative applications include job application, benefits management and employee training.


Self service kiosks for retailImprove sales, service and loyalty
Use retail kiosks to provide convenient services to your customers and increase awareness. Representative applications include online shopping, gift cards, gift registry and credit applications.

Order Entry

Self service kiosks for order entryEnhance customer’s control of service
Use order entry kiosks to enable self-placed orders and to recommend additional products. Representative applications include QSR order entry, prescription ordering and guided up-sell.


Self service kiosks for financial servicesImproved banking services reach
Use financial kiosks for common services and security features such as privacy screens and trigger mats. Representative applications include bill paying, ATM/check cashing and prepaid/gift credit cards.


Self service kiosks for check-inEnhanced service and transaction accuracy
Use check-in kiosks as convenient and fast alternatives to traditional check-in methods or to provide a service for late arrivals. Representative applications include airline check-in, car rental and hotel registration.


Self service photo kiosksCost-efficient service expansion
Use photo kiosks to expand your existing photo services with self-service options and cost-effective solutions. Representative applications include image optimisation, digital prints and scrapbooking.


Self service kiosks for ticketingGreater sales and box office reach
Use ticketing kiosks to offer a 24/7 way to access to ticket purchases. Representative applications include automated box office for travel, concerts and theme parks.


Self service kiosks for securityEfficient, secure passenger service
Use security kiosks to address security concerns while maintaining efficiency and cost savings. Representative applications include biometric identity tools, border control and baggage security.