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Business Intelligence for the Consumer Experience

Improve decision making by turning raw data into valuable information
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Succeeding in a volatile market: 2018 The Future Value Chain
Use business intelligence to improve the customer experience


Understanding your customers, business and competition can give you the edge required for success. This information enables you to analyse the impact of changes, make more informed decisions and respond quickly to changing demands. This is another technique to maintain and increase your turnover and maximise profits.
Improve your knowledge and decision making with solutions focused on:
  • Business intelligence – Learn how customers shop, identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and assess same-store sales to increase turnover
  • Data warehousing – Support real-time data and complex workloads and integrate scattered data
  • Process improvements – Implement agile IT infrastructures that streamline billing and payment operations, manage and integrate suppliers for maximum efficiency
  • Operations and IT efficiency – Use high-performance computing systems, software and services to boost productivity
  • Collaboration – Connect more closely with vendors, suppliers and partners to share data and to integrate shared processes smoothly

Solutions at work

Improve operational efficiency

Improve operational efficiency

By enabling BI access across the enterprise, Sports Chalet is able to:
  • Help managers and staff deliver better service
  • Provide stock visibility by different parameters
  • Enable pricing by location to maximise turnover
Lower data warehousing costs

Lower data warehousing costs

By adding a new data warehousing platform, Bon-Ton Stores is able to:
  • Provide a simple, reliable repository for business data
  • Return query responses more than five times faster than the old system
  • Lower business information costs