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Electronic Medical Records

Automate your ability to gather and process medical data
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Improve the ability to access critical medical data


Like most healthcare and research institutions, your organisation generates loads of data each year – often as paper records. Preparing your patient records and administrative data so they can be shared can significantly delay access to information.
You can handle, compile and share medical data simply and more effectively via an electronic medical records solution focused on:
  • Process improvements – Allow personnel in various locations to view the same records simultaneously
  • Increased productivity – Reduce the need to enter the same data multiple times by members of different organisations
  • Enhanced patient care – Lower the chance of errors by eliminating handwritten notes that could be easily misunderstood
  • Privacy protections – Establish role-based access to sensitive information that protects the privacy and rights of your patients

Solutions at work

Diagnose ailments quickly

Diagnose ailments quickly

Through the use of an electronic health records solution, Baylor Health Texas is able to:
  • Diagnose a chronic care patient in an emergency situation
  • Digitise patient information
  • Access patient data securely over the network
Improve medicine practices

Improve medicine practices

In a special supplement of the Transforming Your Enterprise Magazine, learn:
  • How automation improves care delivery
  • Why tamper-resistant prescription pads are 'hard to swallow'
  • How healthcare is being improved around the world
Establish metrics for record keeping

Establish metrics for record keeping

The healthcare industry is working to establish appropriate metrics and standards for electronic health records and how to:
  • Improve quality of care
  • Lower costs
  • Retrieve data in a format that can be used to compute metrics