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Build a modern payment and settlement infrastructure
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Make it easier for banking customers to make their payments


As payment transactions become increasingly commoditised, improving bottom-line profitability and profitability per customer are key for financial institutions like yours. You must lower your costs and increase your return on investment – all while offering new products and services.
You can build a modern infrastructure that allows your banking customers to make payments more efficiently and with less risk. This new infrastructure enables your organisation to:
  • Increase efficiency – Simplify the complexity of your payments environment by migrating from legacy systems and applications
  • Accelerate business growth – Reduce customer churn by identifying business threats and reducing unnecessary revenue leakage
  • Increase business – Deploy a reliable, highly scalable infrastructure that supports your ability to offer new services
  • Comply with regulations – Implement solutions that offer high levels of security and reduce the chance of fraud

Solutions at work

Reduce risks

Reduce risks

With a new solution that improves fraud and risk management, Fin-Force is able to:
  • Scan approximately 16,000 transactions a day
  • Control its business exposure
  • Respond rapidly to new criminal trends
Improve operational efficiency

Improve operational efficiency

A new payment processing solution is helping VocaLink:
  • Cut payment processing times from days to seconds
  • Achieve 24/7 operations
  • Meet its stringent service level agreements
Enhance operational efficiencies

Protect assets

By using a solution to support its pan-European expansion, Equens is able to:
  • Reduce the number of data centres from three to two
  • Provide services at competitive prices
  • Lower data centre costs