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Rethink applications and IT operations management

Gain control of business services in a dynamic environment
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Rethink applications and IT operations management
Applications and IT
operations management

Putting virtualization solutions to work

Companies who have implemented virtualization technology often find controlling business services in a dynamic environment a challenge. The key to success is twofold. First, dynamically link business services to the physical and virtual resources that deliver those services. Second, manage services in real time leveraging best practices for business service management, business service automation, and IT service management (ITSM).

Defining an applications and IT virtualization strategy
A virtualization strategy is based on your business strategy and goals. Implementation is based on your priorities. HP helps you to:
  • Deploy new or enhanced business services faster
  • Maintain continuity of operations
  • Apply governance and policy to virtualized business services

Getting started with virtualization

Every organization is unique—with different business goals and objectives. Let HP Data Center Virtualization Services help architect, build, and deploy a virtualization strategy that is just right for you.

Let us help you begin your virtualization journey.