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Rethink infrastructure barriers

Free the untapped potential of your data center
Learn how virtualization can improve your data center economics Read the IDC white paper: Business Value of Virtualization: Realizing the Benefits of Integrated Solutions (182KB, PDF) View the video: HP customers discuss virtualization (3:53 minutes)
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Virtualization brings flexibility to your IT infrastructure

Putting virtualization solutions to work

Companies facing the need to reduce costs, mitigate risks, and accelerate ROI often turn to virtualization solutions. Virtualization brings newfound freedom and flexibility to your IT infrastructure and enables you to:

  • Decrease costs by putting unused capacity to work
  • Reduce or eliminate energy and space constraints to growth
  • Focus more resources on business priorities and fewer on day-to-day maintenance
  • Increase availability of applications and business services

Defining an IT infrastructure virtualization strategy

HP can help you build an IT infrastructure that unleashes the potential of your data center to take advantage of virtualization. A modular infrastructure helps you flexibly use resources as business needs change. The built-in virtualization in HP solutions lets you capitalize on virtualization quickly. HP data center management and virtualization tools help you create a self-optimizing infrastructure. This continuously puts unused resources and capacity to work where and when needed.

Getting started with virtualization

Every organization is unique—with different business goals and objectives. Let HP Data Center Virtualization Services help architect, build, and deploy a virtualization strategy that is just right for you.

Let us help you begin your virtualization journey.