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Putting virtualization solutions to work

The potential benefits of virtualization don’t stop at the doors of your data centers. Client virtualization has emerged as a key way to achieve greater return on your overall client investment. How? By improving the reliability, security, manageability and flexibility of your computing infrastructure. This occurs when you replace traditional, dispersed personal computers with centralized computing resources in the data centre. End-users access these computing resources through ultra-secure and reliable HP thin clients.

Data security, customer privacy, compliance requirements, IT management and energy costs are issues that weigh heavily on many businesses today. For many organizations, client virtualization helps directly address and reduce the impact of these business challenges. For example:

  • In high-density environments such as schools or call centers, space and limited budgets are key concerns. Virtualization saves space at the desktop and delivers virtual computing seats at a fraction of the cost of traditional PCs.
  • Ideal for high-security environments, client virtualization keeps information secure in the data center and access highly limited via devices.
  • Management of remote sites like branch offices and shared access terminals like kiosks or flex-desks can be simplified. It results in less onsite support needed for highly reliable thin clients and centrally managed compute resources.
  • Even for high-performance computing in remote environments, virtualization delivers secure, real-time remote collaboration with advanced 2D and 3D graphics.

Define a client virtualization strategy

A virtualization strategy is based on your business strategy and goals. Implementation is based on your priorities. HP helps you to enhance client infrastructure manageability and security to:
  • Decrease cost and complexity of client management and support
  • Improve end-user security and data protection
  • Meet end-user client reliability, performance and personalization demands
  • Reduce environmental impact with lower energy and materials usage

HP Technology Services provides organizations a reliable path to client virtualization that lowers complexity and risk. We help you every step of the way through implementation, support and education.

And once deployed, HP helps reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining your client infrastructure. We offer software management tools that scale from thin client deployments to full enterprise management across physical and virtual environments.

Getting started with virtualization

Every organization is unique – with different business goals and objectives. Let HP Business Value Services help architect, build and deploy a client virtualization strategy that is just right for you.

Let us help you begin your virtualization journey.

Complete client virtualization solutions

HP understands that the computing needs of your employees vary greatly by position, department, location, project or time of year. That’s why HP offers the broadest range of client virtualization solutions in the industry. A combination of hardware and software components work together to streamline IT processes and deliver an exceptional user experience. HP client virtualization solutions cost effectively deliver applications or entire desktop environments tailored to the performance needs of each user.