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Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Modernize your applications and accelerate your business outcomes via SOA
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Your business is demanding faster response from IT. To meet these demands, your IT organization must rise above the complexities and limitations of its existing infrastructure and applications. You need a new approach and you need it now.
Service-oriented architecture, or SOA, is that approach. SOA solutions let you break free of single-purpose applications and point-to-point integrations and create loosely coupled, re-useable business and IT services. These software services can be rapidly combined to deliver new business functionality better, faster, and cheaper.
Need a quick primer on the basics and benefits of SOA?
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Taking the SOA journey

Adoption of SOA brings agility but can greatly increase the number of moving parts your IT organization must manage. To succeed, SOA lifecycle management is a must. HP can help you accelerate SOA adoption across your organization.

SOA governance » SOA Governance
Establish visibility across teams, instill trust required for re-use, and drive consistency and control.

SOA quality » SOA Quality
Validate service functionality and performance, provide quality assurance, and manage the complexities of testing shared services and business processes

SOA Management » SOA Management
Leverage proven end-user management, service-level management, and diagnostic tools for end-to-end operations