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Get the most from your tape storage solutions
Content starts here HP TapeAssure Service Utilization and health monitoring for tape-maximum value and peace of mind.

Move from reactive diagnostics to proactive management

Managing today’s high performance and remote backup systems is an increasingly complex task. Yet now it is more important than ever to get the most from your investment.

To achieve this, you need access to detailed performance and utilization data to identify lower-than-expected transfer rates. You also need to pinpoint drives and tapes that are underutilized. With this information, you can change backup schedules or target specific performance improvements to make better use of existing equipment.

You also need to keep your equipment in good order. Proactive tape monitoring notifies you of any issues that need attention before they cause disruption. You can then follow up on recommended service actions in pre-planned maintenance windows. This, in turn, eliminates disruption to backups and enables you to meet SLAs.

More value, more efficiency, peace of mind

Download HP TapeAssure for free—and count on:

  • More value from your tape storage solution
  • Increased life from your tape drives and media
  • Effective, targeted and planned maintenance
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Peace of mind knowing your data is safe

Industry-leading tape management and monitoring with HP TapeAssure

HP TapeAssure features include:

  • Utilization and performance: Pinpoint configuration changes or specific upgrades to make good use of your investment.
  • Proactive, always-on health monitoring: Know about issues before they cause disruption so you can perform preventative maintenance in planned windows.
  • Proactive maintenance: Know when to clean your drives, retire your tapes and even retire your drives.
  • Consolidation for all HP tape monitoring: See a single, consolidated view of tape storage solutions, whichever tape-based device is being used, and however dispersed your equipment is.
  • Justification for capacity increases: Show you are getting the most out of your equipment and that capacity limits are being reached.

HP TapeAssure offers backwards compatibility and works with all generations of HP LTO from LTO-3 for tape drives and enterprise class libraries (EML and ESL-e) and LTO-4 onwards for business class libraries and autoloaders (MSL and 1-8 G2 onwards) though firmware upgrades may be needed for those devices. Try HP TapeAssure on your existing hardware today.

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