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Storage Consolidation Solutions

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Standardize and simplify your storage environment

Storage consolidation can help you transform your IT environment and dramatically increase your ability to add value to your business. Regardless of how you approach it, HP offers integrated consolidation solutions that can help your organization standardize and simplify your storage environment in a flexible, systematic way

Choose storage consolidation solutions to standardize and simplify

  • Application consolidation: Reduce the management complexity and cost of sharing information associated with critical business operations
  • Backup consolidation: Reduce your backup window and improve backup and restore services
  • Online and SAN consolidation: Reduce cost, improve asset utilization and boost performance while increasing administrator and user productivity
  • Unified infrastructure management: Reduce management costs by automating routine tasks such as monitoring, reporting, device discovery and provisioning

Just imagine what you can do with storage consolidation and virtualization

Complex. Inflexible. High TCO. Is this the reality for your storage environment? It doesn’t have to be. Instead, just imagine what you can do—when you consolidate and virtualize your storage environment to:

  • Reduce complexity - as you streamline compliance and disaster recovery processes while reducing the total number of vendor relationships
  • Increase agility - as you transform your storage environment into virtualized pooled IT assets that respond to changing business needs and scale to changing user needs
  • Boost efficiency - as you increase storage capacity managed per administrator by more than 25% and raise storage resource utilization to as high as 80%