Disaster Recovery Storage Solutions

The second step in building a solid business continuity and availability storage strategy
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Count on rapid recovery

The availability of key application services and information is critical to maintain your business processes. The consequences of any outage are far-reaching. A service interruption can mean lost customers, decreased revenue and production downtime.
HP Storage Disaster Recovery Solutions allow you to rapidly recover business operations. The solutions also enable you to maintain the high availability of critical applications in the event of a disaster-category incident. We offer local and remote replication options.

Local replication

Combining management simplicity and advanced local replication technologies offers a proven way to:
  • Improve application availability
  • Reduce business interruption
  • Integrate the local replication process with key Microsoft and Oracle applications

Remote replication

Introducing two stages of data backup and recovery into your business continuity and availability strategy can:
  • Improve data recovery performance
  • Reduce the cost of unplanned downtime
  • Keep tape in the mix for offsite vaulting and for protection against viruses and data corruption