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Strategy and Portfolio Management

Establish project and program governance while improving IT portfolio and IT asset management
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Shantou Power keeps IT business services flow centered on business operations

Establish governance and improve IT asset management


Your organization is asked to deliver multiple projects on time and on budget. But limited resources can make it difficult to meet these goals. You need better ways to handle IT portfolio management and IT asset management. You need the right governance, processes, and products to gain control over your entire project portfolio, assets, and technology-enabled services. This will improve decision making, reduce asset and project portfolio costs, manage service demand, and lessen operational risks.
Improve decision making and governance and reduce risk and costs with solutions that target:
  • Demand and IT portfolio management–Implement IT governance by automating project and resource management and aligning portfolio investments with goals
  • IT asset and financial management–Gain control over financial, contractual, and physical aspects of IT assets throughout their lifecycle

Put strategy and portfolio management solutions to work

Improve productivity

Improve productivity

By standardizing technology services and automating management of a diverse environment, Western Australia Dept. of Education is able to:
  • Improve services to over 300,000 students and faculty
  • Increase system uptime
  • Significantly increase technology use in schools
  • Reduce support costs for individual schools
  • Speed resolution of issues

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Increase effectiveness and reduce costs

Increase effectiveness and reduce costs

By automating service management and centralizing information, Chemtronics Biomedical Engineering can:
  • Provide a stable, robust, and flexible platform
  • Centralize information and data to improve business and staff effectiveness
  • Increase productivity, streamline administration, and improve use of resources for significant savings

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Improve customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction

By eliminating unknown service threats and their potential impact, China Everbright Bank is able to:
  • Streamline management workflows for greater efficiency and improved service levels
  • Improve allocation of roles and responsibilities of operations and maintenance staff
  • Standardize, integrate, and automate operations to improve customer satisfaction

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