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Business Service Management Solutions

Monitor and manage technology-enabled services to meet business performance expectations
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Monitor and manage technology-enabled services


Your IT organization is measured by the value it adds to your enterprise. But how do you measure the contributions that your IT organization makes? And how do you communicate the value of those contributions? You need your IT organization to monitor and maintain the health of the key business services and processes it supports. You also need to make improvements to those processes to better support the business.
Increase insight and improve alignment of processes with business service management solutions that target:
  • Mission critical services–Deliver services at an affordable cost
  • Business availability–Monitor business services and applications from the perspective of the consumers of those services
  • Network management–Improve network service management by automating the lifecycle phases of plan, deliver, and operate
  • Operations management–Improve the availability and performance of physical and virtual servers, applications, and application components

Put business service management solutions to work

Improve visibility and control
Improve visibility and control
By improving technology infrastructure and business service management, Gevity HR, Inc. is able to:
  • Provide more automated service request management, incident tracking, and change management
  • Improve reporting and analysis of user support needs and activities
  • Increase ability to set and meet operational priorities
  • Increase compliance with governance policies

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Reduce risk
Reduce risk
By strengthening and simplifying the ability to add data security into its testing process, Global Payments can:
  • Identify potential security issues early, when they are less costly to address
  • Reduce risk of data security issues affecting the business or customers
  • Lower cost of “fixes” with less impact on applications development timelines
  • Gain rapid return on investment, with no overhead added to QA processes

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Increase control, speed, and cost-efficiency
Improve performance and availability
By improving the performance of its applications and infrastructure, AAPT can:
  • Show 94 percent improvement of call center application performance and availability
  • Isolate problems and implement a remediation plan, thus improving the end-user experience
  • Increase the quality of services to employees and customers
  • Improve decision making, minimize risk and strengthen customer relationships

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