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Medical Archiving

Improve quality of care by capturing, managing, and storing your image data
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Address the concerns facing governments and educational institutions


As your volume of image data grows, so does your need to find a secure way to store those images. For many organizations like yours, medical image management and picture archival communications systems (PACS) are the answer.
You can store, retrieve, and share archived images, reports, and exam results using a medical archiving solution focused on:
  • Improve return on investment – Share your infrastructure to house image types used in different PACS applications
  • Lower costs – Integrate data from health information systems, such as patient records and insurance data, into your solution
  • Meet regulatory compliance – Implement a secure solution that enables you to comply with ethical and regulatory requirements for privacy
  • Increase efficiencies – Migrate images from other vendor PACS to a centralized, consolidated, single repository

Solutions at work

Enhance operational efficiencies

Enhance operational efficiencies

By deploying an HP Medical Archive Solution, Clinique Saint-Jean is able to:
  • Conform to modern regulatory requirements
  • Establish secure archiving safeguards
  • Improve staff productivity
Improve patient care

Improve patient care

A medical archiving solution is helping Saint Louis Hospital:
  • Improve patient safety
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Accelerate hospital productivity
Increase productivity

Increase productivity

A medical archiving system is helping Masaryk Hospital:
  • Speed up the display of medical images
  • Improve patient care
  • Achieve a 184 percent return on investment