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Work more securely with HP mobility solutions

With HP, your mobile offices can be more secure and more productive.
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HP gives you the power to customize enhanced security features and helps you rest assured your employees’ mobile offices are protected.1

Hardware solutions

Make it difficult for unauthorized users—but easy for your workforce—to gain access to your notebooks:

  • HP SpareKey allows you to answer personal questions that will identify you and access your system in case you forget your password.2

  • Fingerprint readers uses biometric pre-boot authentication to log on to Windows and web sites requiring username and password entry.

  • Integrated Smart Card readers give you built-in Smart Card support without additional hardware.

  • HP Security Locks help prevent notebooks from being stolen while your users are away from the office.

BIOS solutions

Help keep your data secure in the event that someone gains access to one of your notebooks:

  • TPM Enhanced DriveLock uses the TPM embedded security chip to generate a password that locks your hard drive. Most HP Business Notebooks include a TPM embedded security chip.

  • HP Disk Sanitizer and HP File Sanitizer permanently destroy data on your hard drive using a U.S. Department of Defense Algorithm so it cannot be accessed even with advanced tools. Both features are built in.3

Software relationships

Get intelligent, integrated security infrastructures that provide advanced security at an affordable price. HP’s strong relationships with trusted security vendors like McAfee and ActivIdentity help ensure that when you want to extend your security software capabilities further, you’re already on the right path.

1. Not all features listed are standard on all platforms. To see which features are available on each notebook series, click here.
2. Requires initial user setup
3. For the use cases outlined in the DOD 5220.22-M Supplement