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Connect people, processes and technology to help you facilities thrive while you help improve patients' lives
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HP Health: EHReady Program

Complete Healthcare Solutions

HP’s extensive portfolio of products, solutions, services and relationships can help your healthcare organization achieve quality business practices and provide quality patient care.

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» Medical Records: An Easier Path to Total EHR
» Primary Care Services: Innovations at the Point of Care
» Specialty Care Services:Technologies Targeted to Patient Care
» Ancillary Services: Greater Efficiency and Accuracy
» Administration: Efficient and Responsive Computing

HP EHReady ProgramSM

The HP EHReady ProgramSM provides comprehensive Electronic Health Record solutions, as well as the marketing tools hospitals need to promote Electronic Health Record awareness and adoption to their affiliated physicians.

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How HP Can Help

The strategic and tactical challenges of healthcare IT are complex and far-reaching. Systems must support quality patient care, facilitate cost reductions and help secure critical medical information. With HP on your side, you’ll have the technologies your organization needs to provide exceptional care today and going forward.

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