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Leadership in Healthcare IT: HP Solutions for Ancillary Services Departments
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HP Health: Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services: Greater Efficiency and Accuracy

Finding new operational efficiencies is a constant challenge for Ancillary Services, especially in the area of real-time data integration and interoperability. Areas such as digital imaging, laboratories, pharmacy, patient treatment and critical care can benefit greatly from an end-to-end HP solution to reliably access vast amounts of medical information quickly and efficiently.

Explore HP Solutions for Ancillary Services

» HP Products and Options

Meet ever-increasing medical imaging, data and diagnostic application demands with a complement of HP technologies that are easy to maintain and enable accurate diagnoses.

  • HP Z Workstations offer powerful processing to support data- and graphics-intensive imaging and diagnostic applications.
  • HP Thin Client solutions facilitate a reliable and secure medical Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) by storing X-rays, images and records in the data center at all times.
  • Enhance greater mobility with HP Notebooks, Tablets and Barcode Scanners that provide clinicians with real-time access to patient information at the point of care.
  • Foster real-time collaboration between clinicians in multiple locations with easy-to-use HP SkyRoom and HALO telepresence and videoconferencing solutions such as HP Virtual Room.
  • Conserve space at care provider stations with HP Ultra-Slim Desktops, Notebooks and Small Form Factor Desktops and Workstations.

» HP Services

HP supports your department’s critical mission with a range of services that integrate seamlessly into ancillary service workflows. HP’s integration, infrastructure, maintenance and e-health solutions provide distinct advantages for your organization.

» Complementary HP Partner Products

HP works with leading Healthcare solution vendors to provide hospitals with innovations for ancillary services. Products can be purchased on one invoice alongside HP solutions, for a simplified procurement process. Take full advantage of these accessories:

  • DICOM-compliant displays to meet medical and PACS imaging challenges.
  • Ergonomic mount systems provide clinicians with convenient access to crucial information as they administer care.
  • Medical carts enhance the mobility of your organization, allowing technology to be integrated at the point of care.
  • Washable keyboards and mice are fully submersible for easy cleaning, helping to create a pristine clinical environment

Explore HP’s Extensive Healthcare Solution Network

» HP Relationships

HP works alongside leading vendors to provide competitive advantages in ancillary services. Ensure your clinicians have the custom equipment they need to provide quality care at an affordable price. Our partners share our commitment to providing high-quality products, services and support — all at an affordable price.

» Contact HP

HP and our Healthcare Elite specialists can help you identify, plan and execute an IT solution optimized for your intensive imaging and data demands. Find your Elite Healthcare partner today.

Find your Elite Healthcare partner today.

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