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HP Integrated Healthcare Solutions: Retail

Ensuring visitors are happy is a way to improve a hospital stay. Update the experience in these important facilities and provide great service to visitors and staff with HP Point of Sale and peripheral solutions.
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Hospital restaurants, gift shops and pharmacies are usually the only 24-hour sources of food, beverage, gifts and sundries, and prescriptions available to staff, patients and their families. These facilities are an important part of the overall service you provide. HP Point of Sale (POS) Systems and peripherals create a powerful solution to improve service, efficiency and profitability for these high-yield revenue sources.

» HP POS Solution

An HP POS solution can bring incredible advantages to your hospital’s retail facilities.

  • Increased savings: Help reduce theft and misuse by keeping a detailed track of inventory. An easy-to-use touchscreen helps minimize training time and staff errors.
  • Better workflow: Touchscreens, faster printers and payment terminals speed the checkout process for more responsive customer service.
  • Streamlined management tasks: Automated reporting and tracking allows management to focus their attention on building the business.
  • Increased revenue: Easily manage trends, track customers’ needs and determine the most competitive prices to grow the business.


» Customized systems

The HP POS solution has a modular design, so you can cost-effectively customize it to meet your needs by choosing the software and peripherals that are right for you.

  • Bar code scanners: Fast performing scanners from HP, Motorola/Symbol and others include handheld, wireless, in-counter, scanners with integrated scale and more.
  • Keyboards: POS and standard keyboards from brands like HP, Cherry, Preh and Unotron. POS Keyboards may include an integrated magnetic stripe reader and integrated touchpad MSRs and Check Readers.
  • Payment terminals: A variety of offerings from Ingenico, Verifone, and Magtek, including pin pads and signature capture devices.
  • LCD Touchscreens: Displays from HP, ELO and Planar include touchscreens with optional MSR, fingerprint readers and rear facing customer displays.
  • Printers: Choose from leading vendors such as HP, Epson, Citizen, and Zebra. These include standard thermal receipt printers, hybrid or multifunction printers, label printers and more.
  • Customer pole displays: These helpful add-ons from HP, Logic Controls and others are easy-to-read for displaying promotions and transactions.
  • Cash drawers: Space saving designs from HP, AGP, and others reduce your overall footprint.
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