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HP Integrated Healthcare Solutions: Patient care

Improve care, save time and lower costs in delivering patient care with TV, HP Notebooks & Tablet PCs, mobile carts, wall mounts and more.
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One of the most important areas new IT can make a huge difference is in the delivery of patient care, whether in the traditional room, in the clinic or at a treatment center. This is the highest touch point of healthcare and HP delivers a portfolio of best-in-class solutions designed to help dramatically improve the patient experience, reduce the daily rigors of caregivers and increase the efficiency of sharing information where it matters most–at the point of care.

» Healthcare tablets

HP offers a choice of mobile tablets from Motion and Panasonic that save time, reduce errors and put vital information at the fingertips of clinicians. These amazing tablets allow up-to-the-minute patient data to be accessed in real time directly from the bedside or anywhere else in the hospital.

  • Produce more proactive care, happier and more involved patients, more accurate diagnoses and a lower cost per patient
  • Washable
  • Thin and lightweight, yet durable enough to handle minor bumps and drops
  • Integrated digital camera, RFID reader and optional barcode scanner for improved efficiency


» Mount systems and carts

Clinicians often work extended shifts that can be physically and mentally exhausting. Mount systems and carts from companies such as Ergotron, Flo and Anthro are designed to help them withstand countless hours on their feet. Mobility helps move vital information throughout the hospital.

  • Encourage the collaboration of clinicians on diagnoses and treatments
  • Reduce walking to help keep clinicians energized over long shifts
  • Bring information PACS to the point of care and optimize space-constrained halls and rooms
  • Stylelink power management software allows for remote configuration of an entire fleet of carts and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft tools

» HP Notebooks

Add HP Notebooks to any cart for mobile performance that travels with caregivers to the patient bedside or anywhere else in the hospital. From the lab to the hallway to the patient room, HP Notebooks make sharing vital patient information fast, efficient and more secure. This increases performance, lowers costs and helps provide patients with the best care possible.


» Patient televisions

The more comfortable a patient is, the faster he or she will heal. That’s why HP is proud to introduce a full line of patient televisions from PDI, an expert in entertainment for the healthcare market.

  • 10”, 15”, 22”, 26”, 32” and 40” diagonal models are available
  • Available with touchscreen applications and high-end computing
  • Built-in direct access pillow speaker interface for added comfort
  • The ability to deliver a wide variety of content to the patient such

» Washable keyboards and mice

Recent studies show American hospitals have approximately 2 million cases of healthcare-associated infections every year. HP provides a selection of washable keyboards and mice from HP as well as vendors like Man & Machine, Unotron and Cherry.

  • Can be completely submerged under water
  • Can be repeatedly sprayed and cleansed
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