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HP Integrated Healthcare Solutions: Laboratories

Improved efficiency, better control and higher performance will contribute to improving bottom-line results—HP 3rd Party Solutions can help.
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Labs are among the key areas that can benefit from boosts in accuracy and efficiency with new solutions from HP. Laboratory operation is vital to patient care and enhanced security, so let us help you design solutions that will assist you in improving the health of your patients and your business.

» HP Desktops and Thin Clients

HP offers a variety of powerful computing tools that allow hospitals better manage the large volume of information required to deliver superior healthcare.

  • Innovative desktop and thin client designs to meet different needs
  • Customer choice of AMD®- or Intel®-based solutions
  • High performance, defined quality and reliability
  • HP enhanced security features help protect valuable data


» Mount systems and carts

Clinicians often work extended shifts that can be physically and mentally exhausting. Mount systems and carts from companies such as Ergotron, Flo and Anthro are designed to help them withstand countless hours on their feet. Mobility helps move vital information throughout the hospital.

  • Encourage the collaboration of clinicians on diagnoses and treatments
  • Reduce walking to help keep clinicians energized over long shifts
  • Bring information PACS to the point of care and optimize space-constrained halls and rooms
  • Stylelink power management software allows for remote configuration of an entire fleet of carts and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft tools

» Washable keyboards and mice

Recent studies show American hospitals have approximately 2 million cases of healthcare-associated infections every year. HP provides a selection of washable keyboards and mice from HP as well as vendors like Man & Machine, Unotron and Cherry.

Applications and important tools:
  • Can be completely submerged under water
  • Can be repeatedly sprayed and cleansed
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