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HP Integrated Healthcare Solutions: Infrastructure and IT

Networking and infrastructure solutions help improve the efficiency and accuracy of data used not only internally, but in doing business with outside providers.
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With HP and industry-leading infrastructure providers, you can find a wide variety of the latest networking, power and cooling products. The equation is simple. The more efficient and more integrated the IT functions of a healthcare system are, the less it costs to deliver high-quality care.

» HP Healthcare Infrastructure

The innovative Healthcare Infrastructure allows hospitals and healthcare facilities to connect and share crucial data. This system can dramatically improve productivity by eliminating the need for separate networks. Virtually every aspect of care is connected, providing the whole staff with access to more secure and reliable flow of information.

  • Facilitate compliance with government regulations
  • Connect departments so they work together more efficiently
  • Speed and improve patient care
  • Integrate numerous technologies—pagers, desktops, tablet PCs and more


» Hospital connections

Both hospitals and patients enjoy dramatic benefits when clinicians are given the power to access information conveniently. Important pieces of data are available bedside, helping clinicians give best possible care. The connected facility allows doctors and nurses in different areas to work together, discuss options and provide more comprehensive care than ever before.

  • Reduce the possibility of diagnostic and treatment errors
  • Put vital data where it’s needed most –at the point of care
  • Allow clinicians to collaborate remotely
  • Help lower costs by streamlining information and networks

» Connected imaging

A fully integrated IT infrastructure dramatically improves the sharing of medical imagery, specifically high-resolution radiology. This allows clinicians to access information and collaborate on diagnoses and treatments from multiple locations.

Applications and important tools:
  • Provide quicker and more accurate diagnoses
  • Speed the treatment process, contributing to lower costs while improving care
  • Offer connected imaging to other organizations as a shared service

» Active patient involvement

The HP Healthcare Infrastructure heightens involvement of patients by giving them more thorough access to their own medical information and related services and treatments. This encourages patients to develop a better understanding of their conditions and empowers them to make more informed decisions that maximize wellness.

  • Involve patients in their own care
  • Take preventative medicine to an entirely new level
  • Help lower hospital and patient expenses
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