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HP Integrated Healthcare Solutions: Imaging

Medical displays, HP Workstations, imaging software and more help you to quickly and accurately diagnose medical conditions.
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The success of any healthcare organization depends on its ability to diagnose conditions—fast and accurately. Slight improvements in reliability or performance can greatly reduce costs and increase productivity – benefits that go straight to the bottom line. HP imaging solutions combined with a vast portfolio from 3rd party partners give physicians the power to share vital information, collaborate on diagnoses and deliver the right care quickly and confidently.

» HP Z Workstations

Get massive, whole-system power by optimizing the way the processor, operating system, memory, graphics and software work together. Innovative design delivers the highest resolution and most consistent image quality. What’s more, recent studies show that Z Workstations can pay for themselves in a surprisingly short period of time.

  • Minimize power costs with ENERGY STAR® qualified configurations, 85% or 89% efficient power supplies, and HP WattSaver, an innovation that helps lower energy consumption.
  • Process more tasks in less time with the massive computational horsepower and Intel® QuickPath Technology featuring an integrated memory controller.
  • Tool-less chassis, clutter-free internal design and modular direct-connect drives and power supplies allow for easy and rapid expansion.
  • HP Vision Field Diagnostics, an easy-to-use diagnostics tool that quickly captures complete system configuration data so it can be shared with IT personnel.


» Imaging software

HP combines state-of-the-art systems with the latest breakthroughs in imaging software, including the most recent offerings from Ziosoft.

  • Clinicians can instantly access, share, and analyze high-resolution images used to diagnose and treat patients in cardiology, oncology, neurology and surgical care
  • Provides a full suite of clinical applications, including 3D, 4D, PET/CT and multi-modality viewer

» Mount systems and carts

Clinicians often work extended shifts that can be physically and mentally exhausting. Mount systems and carts from companies such as Ergotron, Flo and Anthro are designed to help them withstand countless hours on their feet. Mobility helps move vital information throughout the hospital.

  • Encourage the collaboration of clinicians on diagnoses and treatments
  • Reduce walking to help keep clinicians energized over long shifts
  • Bring information PACS to the point of care and optimize space-constrained halls and rooms
  • Stylelink power management software allows for remote configuration of an entire fleet of carts and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft tools

» Washable keyboards and mice

Recent studies show American hospitals have approximately 2 million cases of healthcare-associated infections every year. HP provides a selection of washable keyboards and mice from HP as well as vendors like Man & Machine, Unotron and Cherry.

  • Can be completely submerged under water
  • Can be repeatedly sprayed and cleansed
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