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HP Integrated Healthcare Solutions: Hospital facilities

Help your healthcare facilities department provide better patient care with HP Desktops, washable keyboards and mice, keyboard protective covers and more.
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From nurses’ stations to washable hardware to mobile Electronic Medical Record (EMR) terminals, HP solutions help hospitals run more efficiently, eliminate unnecessary expenses, increase revenue and help ensure quality care remains a top priority.

» HP Notebooks

HP Notebooks make crucial EMR information available to clinicians and nurses anywhere in the hospital. Combine notebooks with carts for maximum mobility throughout the hospital, putting comprehensive information at the fingertips of clinicians. This increases staff performance, lowers costs and helps provide patients with the best care possible.


» HP Desktops

HP Desktops help busy hospitals manage the administrative aspects of providing quality care. These systems are designed to improve functionality, save time and lower expenses. They are ideal for nurses’ stations, admissions desks and other fast-paced administrative areas.

» Washable keyboards and mice

Recent studies show American hospitals have approximately 2 million cases of healthcare-associated infections every year. HP provides a selection of washable keyboards and mice from HP as well as vendors like Man & Machine, Unotron and Cherry.

Applications and important tools:
  • Can be completely submerged under water
  • Can be repeatedly sprayed and cleansed

» Mount systems

Hospital hallways are extremely busy and patient rooms are already packed with equipment. Mount systems are designed to fit in areas where space is at a minimum but performance must be at a maximum. Mount systems deliver:

  • Immediate access to data where it’s needed – close to the patient
  • Improved productivity and patient care
  • Reduced costs from facilitation of EMR management
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