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HP Health: How HP Can Help

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HP Health: How HP Can Help

How HP Can Help

Efficient healthcare IT systems must support quality patient care, facilitate cost reductions and help secure critical medical information.

Through collaborating with hospitals, clinics, physicians, nurses, operations and management, HP sees the big picture of healthcare — what works and what doesn’t. We use our exhaustive knowledge to develop end-to-end systems that bring together the best hardware, software and content providers — and make it all work together for you.

» Creating the Conditions for Quality Patient Care

Providing quality care is priority one. Often that’s easier said than done in hospitals. Patients arrive at any hour of the day and their test results, medications and diets must constantly be verified. To provide quality care, your staff needs secure, real-time access to information to do their jobs. Technologies must support their workflows and create new efficiencies.

HP is changing the technology landscape in healthcare organizations with solutions that improve data access and connectivity. For example:

  • HP Desktops, including new HP TouchSmart PCs, provide the performance, features and reliability that medical professionals depend on in high-demand environments.
  • HP can support electronic health records (EHR) in your organization with Thin Client solutions, so doctors and nurses can access and update records in a timely and efficient manner.
  • HP Workstations provide the processing power needed for visually intensive medical imaging applications.
  • HP Notebooks provide mobility, with reliability and security features built in, and flexible input options, such as touch, pen and keyboard. Options to extend battery life enable full shift coverage.

» Reducing Costs: A Systematic Approach

The business of healthcare requires efficient processes and superior collaboration while maintaining profitability. And how is that best achieved? A complete system of technologies that enables operational boosts in accuracy and efficiency — and helps keep your organization’s financials in good health.

Working with technology partners, HP technologies facilitate the transition to a digital hospital that promotes efficiency in practically every department. HP can help streamline EHR, which can not only reduce the overhead associated with paper-based record systems, but also promote collaboration and connectivity on a system-wide level.

» New Standards in Security and Privacy

Ensuring the security of your hospital’s information is a top priority. Complying with HIPAA and other regulations that govern patient information privacy can present data management challenges. HP has created virtualization solutions that promote the security of patient information, while permitting more secure access to critical information from any terminal in your hospital — a huge plus for productivity.

Patient privacy can be respected the moment patients step into your hospital. HP kiosk solutions can allow patients to check in without divulging potentially sensitive information aloud during admission.

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HP and our Healthcare Elite specialists can help you identify, plan and execute an IT solution that facilitates productivity and efficiency throughout your organization.
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