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HP and Sybase Data Aggregator Solution

Sybase IQ on HP Integrity enables Data Aggregators to be more competitive and profitable.

More and more companies across numerous industries are beginning to rely on the data and analytic services provided by third-parties to drive some of the most critical decisions about their businesses—investments, customer relationships, product and service offerings and mix, competitive strategies, risk management, and more. These service providers, known as Data Aggregators, are companies whose business is to collect and sell information. These firms generate revenue by selling news, data, analysis, and reports (online or print) derived from the data they hold for other businesses that need it.

For data aggregators, Sybase IQ on an HP Integrity Platform is a smarter choice and makes it easier and faster for your customers to access information, analyze data/information, and run ‘what if’ queries in an unstructured, free-form way. This platform delivers the highest-performing business analytics and reporting platform in the market today, and tomorrow.

If you haven’t considered a new approach to powering your value-added information services, it’s time you did…before you hit the wall.

Why HP? 

  • Sybase IQ and HP Integrity computing platforms deliver unsurpassed performance and total cost of ownership. Utilizing Sybase's unique technology, your data is compressed by as much as 70%, reducing storage costs while HP Integrity Servers offer unmatched price/performance.
  • HP and Sybase have a long history of partnership, evidenced by our success in very large data warehouse implementations. In fact, some of the largest data warehouses in the world are running Sybase IQ on HP infrastructure.
  • Sybase IQ eliminates the need to re-engineer for analytics, improving deployment time to a fraction of that required by traditional databases. HP and Sybase competence centers ensure your solution is a success fast return on investment.

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