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Your printing and imaging environment should always be as secure as your overall IT infrastructure. These four steps and real-life case studies show how HP can help.

» 1. Secure your data

Secure your data

Secure your data

While your network is likely secure, data sent from a PC to the printer is often unencrypted. That can expose vital information traveling between a user’s PC and a printer or MFP. How can you secure your data?

Maintain security protocols and authentication—Encrypt print jobs and use advanced security features such as HP Access Controls, IPSec and other HP solutions to fit your printing system.

Store print jobs on a protected server—This method, called “pull printing,” encrypts print jobs and sends them to a protected server instead of directly to the printer. After verification, the document is “pulled” from the server and printed securely.

Verify users—Deliver print jobs only when the employee is verified by PIN, badge, card or biometric scan at the printer.

See how the Secure Advantage portfolio helps you extend your enterprise security, protect intellectual property, and improve service.

To learn more about how HP can help secure your data, contact your HP sales representative or e-mail us.

» 2. Secure your printing devices

Secure your printing devices

The threat: The information sent to a printer or MFP could be accessed by anyone in—or out of—your office. That’s because today’s printers and MFPs store print jobs, passwords and other information on their hard drives. How can you secure your devices?

Authenticate users and accessControl access and secure all the functions of an MFP—scan, fax and copy—using PINs, badges, card readers and even biometric solutions.

Secure your printing devices
Encrypt your hard disk data
Encrypt your hard disk data—Encrypt data that’s stored on the hard disk using HP High-Performance Secure Hard Disks.

Erase memory—Eliminate risks by clearing stored data after documents print. HP Secure Erase wipes the hard disk of print jobs.
To learn more about how HP can help secure your printing and imaging devices, contact your HP sales representative or e-mail us.

For more information, read this white paper about HP LaserJet end-to-end MFP security.

» 3. Protect your printed documents

Protect your printed documents

How many printouts are currently sitting on your printer tray? All too often, printing goes to waste or ends up in the wrong hands. How can you protect your printed documents?

Protect sensitive media—Printers can be equipped with secure paper input trays to protect special paper or media used for printing checks, prescriptions or other sensitive documents.

Prevent tampering and alteration—HP offers many ink technologies—including tamper-evident ink, magnetic ink and machine-readable codes—that dramatically reduce the potential for fraudulent alteration of documents.

To learn more about how HP can help secure your printed documents, contact your HP sales representative or e-mail us.

Reduce paper waste

» 4. Monitor and manage your printing fleet

Monitor and manage your printing fleet

HP solutions can give you a clear understanding of your entire printing system—from security to costs.

HP Imaging and Printing Security Center is the industry's first policy-based compliance solution for your printing and imaging devices. 1
  • Assess the security of your printing environment
  • Streamline deployment and monitoring by applying a single policy across your fleet
  • Maintain ongoing compliance with automated monitoring

HP Web Jetadmin software and other HP security solutions can help you:
  • Track and record print jobs to monitor usage and audit printing practices
  • Control access for user groups and individuals in precise detail
  • Produce reports on printing behaviors, trends and user-level job tracking

HP Managed Print Services
Let us manage it—we also offer a full-service, no-hassle printing solution with:
  • One contract
  • One vendor
  • Complete security and printing

To learn more, contact your HP sales representative or e-mail us.
Monitor and manage your printing fleet

» Case studies

Read how companies have used HP solutions to make their printing more secure and efficient.

Learn how this global pharmaceutical company integrated pull-printing, HP ePrint and HP Web Jetadmin to reduce their environmental footprint, reduce costs and boost security.

Learn how this health technology company used HP Secure Access Control and other HP solutions to cut costs, increase productivity and protect sensitive health data.
Secure your data

1 Based on an HP assessment of printer manufacturer security offerings in market as of November 1, 2011.