HP Manufacturing Time Sheet Collection Accelerator

Speed up time processing and accelerate revenue.
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HP Manufacturing Time Sheet Collection Accelerator

Manufacturing or construction administrative associates will tell you that time sheet processing is one of the most time-consuming tasks they do. It’s labor intensive–requiring physical collection and routing to a central site where other employees manually enter the hand-written time sheet data. Manual data entry introduces errors and ultimately slows payment and invoicing processes at month end. And of course, it represents a large resource investment. Designed to eliminate many manual processes inherent in time sheet collection, HP Manufacturing Time Sheet Collection Accelerator saves manufacturing and construction enterprises considerable time and costs. These solutions allow organizations to consolidate the scanning, routing, data entry and archiving of time sheet information into an automated, secure and networked environment.

Solution at a glance

HP Manufacturing Time Sheet Collection Accelerator significantly improves time sheet collection by automating much of the process. At any manufacturing or construction site, remote or otherwise, a single administrator can collect end-of-week time sheets. From an HP MFP, documents are sent to a scanning, indexing and routing engine for user-defined workflow distribution. They are digitally sent to a main branch where OCR (optical character recognition), ICR (intelligent character recognition) and OMR (optical mark recognition) software can automatically turn written time sheets into data that is processed for collection, payment, invoicing and archiving.

Time sheet collection and processing that once took days or weeks can now be completed in mere hours with no overtime required. The need to physically ship time sheets to a main branch for processing is eliminated—along with the monetary and environmental cost. Physical data entry resource requirements are decreased, as are the potential errors associated with that data entry.
Automated time sheet processing can help any manufacturing or construction enterprise gain a competitive edge. HP Manufacturing Time Sheet collection Accelerator solutions are IT investments that enable you to spend less time and fewer resources on administrative tasks, and more on core, business-driving competencies. Plus, faster, more accurate processing of actionable time sheet data helps your business be more agile and speeds revenue streams.
Let HP develop a solution for you. HP Manufacturing Time Sheet Collection Accelerator is customizable and scalable to a multitude of requirements. And the strong HP partner ecosystem means HP can draw from a wide range of compatible third-party providers to tailor your solution even further.

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