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Humana + HP

What happens when healthcare benefits leader Humana joins forces with technology leader HP?

When Humana, a health benefits company, implemented HP Exstream software, it:

  • Increased likelihood of customer renewal by 14%
  • Increased likelihood of customer referral by 7%
  • Reduced the length of calls to customer service by 15%
  • Saved $250,000 per month in page reduction

Now that’s a welcome change in healthcare administration. See how HP Exstream software can improve efficiency and customer communication.

See how HP Managed Enterprise Solutions can help you streamline your workflow processes and achieve your mobility, security and services needs.

HP Exstream Software

The same software Humana used to improve customer communication also streamlines workflow and saves money. What else did HP Exstream software do for Humana?
  • Automated production of high-volume, customized documents
  • Reduced print production costs
  • Consolidated documents to reduce mailing costs
  • Increased personalization to offer more actionable, data-driven messaging
  • Consolidated several communication systems to a single, centralized composition platform.
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