HP Account Opening Accelerator for Communications, Media and Entertainment

Transform customer experiences through enhanced service delivery.
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In this digital age we see content providers offering delivery services, service providers creating content and network equipment providers supplying both. Convergence equals increased competition, and no communications, media or entertainment (CME) provider can afford to miss a step. Take something as simple as paper-based contracts. The time your retail associates spend duplicating, sorting and filing these forms is time they’re not spending with customers—the same customers who are growing to expect expedited service. When you factor in processing and storage costs, not to mention compliance and fraud issues, these paper-intensive processes make less and less sense.

Solution at a glance

The HP Account Opening Accelerator for Communications, Media and Entertainment solution standardizes your application and subscription processes with a customer-first workflow solution powered by simple, reliable HP scanners or multi-function printers (MFPs). Benefits include:

  • Evolve the in-store experience with streamlined customer service. Your retail associate captures a customer’s signed service contract with a solution-enabled HP scanner or MFP, hands the paperwork back to the customer and is ready to serve the next person in line. Customers leave your store with the only existing hard copy of the contract safely in hand.
  • Reduce the costs associated with paper processes. Once a contract is scanned, the solution automatically extracts and routes the indexing data and signature to your customer database. The cost of manual routing, processing and storage is taken out of the equation. Your customers’ confidential information stays in-house. And the risk of contract fraud is greatly reduced.
  • Enhance the experience even more with a customized welcome kit. Bundle a customer’s contract with a kit that includes coverage maps, service agreements, and your latest promotions. HP Exstream software makes it simple and affordable and works for both in-store and online orders.

Why HP for this solution?

HP is recognized as the global leader in imaging and printing solutions for large organizations. HP offers technical expertise, and reliable products and solution sets that allow customers to benefit from:

  • Consulting services, including procurement, installation, management and support that can be customized to enhance your organization’s effectiveness
  • R elationships with industry-leading solution providers
  • Powerful solutions to optimize your environment, improve the bottom line and help the planet