HP Access Control Intelligent Print Management (IPM) Solution

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In the workplace, there’s practically no simpler task than sending a job to print. And enterprises everywhere have the print costs to prove it. Thoughtless printing burns through paper and toner, disrupts high-priority workflows and places an unfair burden on the budgets of departments with easy-access or feature-rich printing devices. For enterprises looking to cut costs by reining in careless print habits, a rules-based printing solution is just the answer. But there are still challenges. Printing is easy, which makes changing user behavior hard. For a solution to work it has to be simple, practical and offer results that benefit all.

Solutions at a glance

HP Access Control Intelligent Print Management (IPM) solution focuses on the practical side of rulesbased printing, resulting in more tangible cost savings and higher user adoption. Powered by your choice of up to 35 different models of HP multi-function printers (MFPs) and single-function printers, this server-based application was designed for ease-of-use and long-term cost savings. The clean, graphics-based interface and step-by-step controls allow an administrator to create custom printing rules and maintain HP Access Control IPM to benefit the entire enterprise.

Reduce hard costs on printing

Slash paper and toner waste by applying sensible rules that have minimal impact on a user’s real printing needs. For example, assign duplex (two-sided) printing as the default for everyday print jobs, and set restrictions on the use of color features.

Gather data to create intelligent rules

Collect powerful data that allows you to create a stronger, more balanced print environment. Capture your users’ print behavior and provide them with notifications regarding their usage. Or use data gathered over time to determine evolving print needs and adjust rules accordingly.

Power business processes

Route and manage print more efficiently by assigning specific job types to the most appropriate printer. Assigning printers to specific users or applications can help ensure that marketing departments have access to color, while others have access to the high-volume capabilities and speed they need.

Why HP?

HP is recognized as the global leader in imaging and printing solutions for large organizations. HP offers technical expertise, and reliable products and solution sets that allow customers to benefit from:
  • Consulting services, including procurement, installation, management and support that can be customized to enhance your organization’s effectiveness
  • Relationships with industry-leading solution providers
  • Powerful solutions to optimize your environment, improve the bottom line and help the planet