HP Access Control Secure Print Authentication

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Beyond their high cost, all those unclaimed documents on your printer output tray can be a critical security leak. Any confidential information that falls into the wrong hands can be detrimental to your company. Imagine if printouts of confidential documents were taken by an unauthorized employee or a visitor before you can pick them up at the printer’s output tray. The HP Access Control Secure Printing modules installed on HP LaserJet printers and MFPs offer a solution, securing both the print job data and release of the print job.

Print jobs are securely retained

HP Access Control Secure Printing is a module running inside the printer or MFP. It provides secure push printing by storing incoming secure jobs on the printer or MFP hard disk drive. Documents are not printed until their owner is at the printer. This reduces printed waste, increases document confidentiality, and lets users reclaim all print jobs when they need them.

Productivity & security gains

Your printer is not available? When HP Access Control Secure Printing is combined with HP Access Control Secure Pull Printing, jobs can be stored on remote print servers and released from any printer equipped with HP Access Control Secure Printing.

Unclaimed print jobs self-delete

Print jobs have an expiration date after which they are deleted if not printed.

Data encryption included

To protect your confidential data en-route to the printer or MFP, Print-SMP comes with print job data encryption.

Job list on MFPs screen

On MFPs, the print jobs are listed and can be released or deleted individually.

User authentication

Users may authenticate on MFPs using any built-in authentication such as LDAP, Kerberos, or Active Directory. On printers and MFPs, users can authenticate using PIN codes, proximity badges, or smartcards.

Optional roaming pull printing

Print jobs can be stored on one or more print servers, using the sophisticated, scalable, and robust distributed architecture of the optional HP Access Control Secure Pull Printing Software.

Direct jobs release after decryption

If encryption is just what you need, the job retention feature can be disabled.

Supported clients and/or servers

Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, SAP R/3, HPUX, Linux Red Hat/Fedora Novell servers Windows clients (LPR) Any ERP with an editable print driver.
Note: A Windows server is required for the server application to support printing from non-Windows operating systems.

Simple to install

Just insert the memory card inside the printer or MFP, or activate the license in HP Access Control Secure Authentication.

System requirements

Supports most HP LaserJet printers and HP LaserJet MFPs.

Authentication components

  • HP Access Control Secure Authentication—Pin Code (PDF)
  • HP Access Control Secure Authentication—Proximity Readers (PDF)
  • HP Access Control Secure Authentication—Smartcard Readers (PDF)