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Modernize and manage your SAP environment with confidence.  When you select HP solutions to support your upgrade to SAP ERP 6.0, you can rest assured you’ll be able to take advantage of all the latest features SAP ERP 6.0 has to offer – whether that includes streamlining key business processes, handling multiple national languages concurrently via Unicode applications, helping to reap the benefits of an enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) or more!  

HP provides a complete solution – including services, infrastructure, and applications – to help you make the transition to SAP ERP 6.0 today.  We leverage best practices, joint development and quality testing to help you mitigate risks, increase performance and lower costs. Whether you simply want the latest version to run smoothly in your environment or need to modernize and improve management of your existing IT environment to take full advantage of SAP ERP 6.0 features, we’ll help you obtain the results you desire from an optimized solution built for your business needs.

Why HP?

The HP SAP ERP 6.0 Upgrade Offering is designed to offer customers a complete Services and Solutions portfolio:

  • SAP on HP Integrity systems:  SAP ERP and HP Integrity servers can take your current Enterprise Resource Planning solution—and your business—from where you are now to the next level of agility, responsiveness, and efficiency.  Deploy SAP ERP on HP Integrity systems and the result is a single software and hardware solution for managing your business activities—enabling you to streamline operations, optimize use of corporate resources, and simplify your IT infrastructure for greater efficiency and agility.
  • HP Upgrade Services for SAP ERP 6.0:  A comprehensive suite of technical, functional and strategic upgrade services that accelerate the transition to an enterprise services-oriented enabled environment based on SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver® technologies.
  • HP Application Outsourcing for SAP Applications:  HP Application Outsourcing for SAP applications achieves new levels of automation and optimization by providing a smooth and predictable funding model for SAP upgrades while helping customer meet their needs for higher SAP availability, stability and functionality. Equally important, the need to re-skill the team with each subsequent SAP upgrade is eliminated.
  • HP Upgrade Factory for SAP Applications:  Leveraging HP Services’ global delivery capabilities, the HP Upgrade Factory for SAP Applications offers an industrialized approach for technical upgrades to the latest version of SAP ERP. This approach benefits customers by providing a fast, low-risk and cost-effective way to upgrade to the latest SAP technologies.
  • The HP ERP Outsourcing Factory for SAP:  For customers in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, the HP ERP Factory for SAP Applications offers HP expertise in SAP applications, HP outsourcing and process experience, plus HP software. The result is an automated, innovative factory for operating SAP applications.
  • HP Software solutions for SAP applications:  HP Software solutions for SAP applications help you guard against architectural interoperability, limited scalability, poor performance and functional glitches.  We understand that your mission-critical SAP applications must deliver the best performance before and after they go live, which is why we want to help you optimize the business outcomes of your SAP investments.  HP software solutions for SAP include HP Business Availability Center, HP Quality Center, SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (TAO), HP LoadRunner, HP Diagnostics for SAP and HP Deployment Management Extension for SAP.
  • HP StorageWorks for SAP:  HP StorageWorks solutions for SAP provide reliable and flexible storage solutions that help you leverage, manage and protect your business data.  We offer a complete portfolio of storage hardware and solutions to.support IT consolidation, Business Continuity & Availability, and Information Lifecycle Management.  HP storage solutions include HP StorageWorks Solutions for SAP, HP StorageWorks Solutions for SAP Business Intelligence, HP Virtualized Storage Infrastructure Solution for SAP, HP StorageWorks products for SAP, HP StorageWorks Management Software for SAP, HP StorageWorks Business Continuity and Availability solutions for SAP, HP StorageWorks Consolidation
  • SAP Universal Data Connect Certification for HP Neoview:  As a certified SAP NetWeaver partner, HP ensures seamless integration of the SAP analytical environment with HP Neoview DW environment and provides professional services for SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI) and systems supporting both SAP NetWeaver BI and HP Neoview.

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»  SAP ERP 6.0 & HP (Overview)

For many of the world's largest businesses, SAP is THE mission-critical enterprise application, and now is the perfect time to migrate to SAP ERP 6.0 on an HP Integrity server platform.

»  SAP ERP 6.0 & HP (Reasons 1-5)

Downtime and poor performance are not options. The first 5 reasons to run SAP on HP Integrity servers are focused on availability, disaster tolerance & performance across operating systems.

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Reasons 6 through 9 for customers running SAP on HP Integrity servers focus on the tools that make it possible to optimize environments and maximize resource utilization.

»  SAP ERP 6.0 & HP (Reasons 10-11)

Reasons 10 & 11 for customers running SAP on HP Integrity servers focus on the simplicity of transition to environments with greater price/performance, disaster tolerance and scalability.

»  SAP ERP 6.0 & HP (Reason 12)

Reason 12 for customers running SAP on HP Integrity is HP is the #1 SAP Platform vendor in the world powering 55,000 SAP installations which is nearly 50% of all SAP instances globally.

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