HP – partnering for secure check, MICR & signature printing

Learn about secure check printing

HP – partnering for secure check, MICR; signature printing
HP has partnered with a leader in the secure printing field, TROY Group, Inc., bringing your business a complete end-to-end solution for printing checks inside your organization
  • Print Accounts Payable, Exception and Distributed checks on-demand internally at both headquarters and distributed locations without compromising security, all while maintaining the most stringent standards of compliance. MICR must comply with your financial institutions standards to avoid high rejection rates. Learn more about MICR characters.
  • Control check printing process with enhanced features including exact positioning technology (ExPT™), MICR toner sensing, as well as audit trail reporting. These enhanced features are put in place to help maintain accurate MICR printing and to provide operational control.
  • Reduce risk of check fraud by using secure printers as well as blank check stock, which eliminates unnecessary access to vital corporate and bank account information. A secure printer helps prevent theft of important company check stock; blank check stock is often printed with corporate logos or other customer graphics which should be protected. Secure printers also help reduce fraud risks, which are inherent in a standard laser printer, with firmware features including datastream encryption and disable jam recovery

The ability to print Payroll, Accounts Payable and other checks and distribute them securely is a vital function for small and medium businesses, government organizations, financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare facilities as well as any corporation with multiple locations. Reducing the complication inherent in check processing saves time and expense over the long term. The partnership of HP and TROY gives companies with distributed sites a secure and effective way to print checks closer to the recipient, eliminating cost and hassle of centralized check printing.

What are the components of HP and TROY’s secure check printing solution?
  • Secure check printers from HP and TROY Group, Inc. Group, Inc. HP supplies printers to TROY, who adds features like MICR Toner Sensing assuring accurate MICR printing and to provide operational control. TROY-modified printers include a broad range of HP LaserJet printers including the LJ 3005 Printer, the LJ 4250 Printer, LJ 4350 Printer Series, LJ 9050 Printer Series. View the whole line of TROY printers and features here.
  • MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) toner
    TROY manufactures, distributes and develops high quality MICR toner, with cartridge performance, printer compatibility, and bank acceptance rates that are the highest in the world. Selected TROY MICR Toner cartridges include a hidden red dye which releases when chemical alteration is attempted. HP only supports MICR products in LaserJet Printers that have been modified to the TROY specification.
  • Check printing software
    TROY develops check printing software for accounts payable, as well as banking environments, offering secure, flexible and cost effective check printing, providing reliable MICR characters, secure amount fonts, and encrypted digital signatures. Providing efficient ways to print batches of checks, the software can also provide banks with information that assist in fraud prevention
  • Font memory kits
    If you already own a compatible HP LaserJet printer, TROY makes it easy for you to add high-quality MICR printing capabilities with the addition of a TROY Font DIMM or Font Memory Card. Reliable MICR technology uses a combination of characters as well as TROY MICR Toner.
  • Check stock
    TROY security check paper is designed with security in mind. Features such as simulated watermarks, micro-printed characters, and chemical alteration protection significantly reduce the likelihood of duplication or alternation resulting in immeasurable savings. TROY tests their check paper to assure that there is an optimal toner to paper adhesion.