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Retail Marketing Automation (RMA)

HP Managed Print Services and the HP PRINTING PAYBACK Guarantee

HP Retail Printing Solution
Giving retailers the tools to reach customers more quickly and effectively, collaborate easily and efficiently, and reduce costs.

HP knows your business

Retail is one of the toughest business sectors in the world today. The ability to reach customers quickly and react to changing prices and trends is critical to success. How do you do it all and keep costs, time and sanity in check? Get with HP.

HP understands the challenges you face. 

  • Maintain a consistent flow of information between the store and shoppers. 
  • Produce ads and in-store materials to take advantage of seasonal opportunities and react to changes from the competition. 
  • Manage the many systems and processes used to create communications. 
  • Work effectively with all the parties involved in store promotions.

HP has the expertise you can rely on.

  • HP is the global leader in printing and imaging technology.
  • HP technologies and services are at work in the world's top retail, fashion, finance and healthcare companies.
  • HP has operations across the globe to meet your needs wherever you do business.

The benefits of HP RMA

HP will work with you to create a plan that optimize infrastructure, manage environment, improve workflow and increases sales—so you'll be able to

  • Develop circulars, ads and in-store materials faster, to reach the customer more often and stay ahead of promotional cycles. 
  • Reduce the number of systems used to create your ads and in-store materials.
  • Collaborate in a timely, cost-effective way with the agencies, managers and others involved with store promotions, wherever they are.
  • Use staff more efficiently and spend more time focusing on customer needs.

HP RMA at work

Several retailers in Europe have trimmed their bottom line and sped up customer communications using RMA. One mid-sized chain of super stores in Spain with an annual promotions budget of 10 million Euros, spent 60% on flyer creation and 40% on in-store communications. After implementing HP RMA solutions, they were able to set prices five days closer to sale start dates, reduce the number of systems and staff required to produce flyers and signs, and save 12% of their promotional budget in the first year alone.

HP RMA solutions

Get the competitive advantage with HP's extensive range of imaging and printing solutions for retail.

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