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HP Color-Access Control

Incorporate color while controlling costs
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HP transforms enterprise printing

Color printing on your terms - efficient use, controlled costs and stunning results.

Color printing on your terms
Efficient use, controlled costs and stunning results.

Color printing is becoming a necessity in every business-so is controlling color costs and printer use while maximizing the benefits of color printing.
To help you face the unique challenges that come with color printing, HP has developed color-access controls to let you choose the level of management just right for you.

Using color access control to your advantage

Controlling access to color doesn't mean just limiting access. It also means monitoring how color is used and tracking its usage. There are three keys to effective, cost-efficient color-access control.

 Monitoring and awareness

Your business will benefit from the ability to track, rather than strictly limit, the use of color. Monitoring color usage makes it possible to identify poor use or abuse of color printing and take corrective action. It also makes it possible to see where color may be underused based on expectations for certain departments and to make appropriate adjustments. Importantly, color-use monitoring provides ongoing trending and analysis information for smart decision-making on a variety of operational concerns-everything from where to locate color printers to when to order supplies.

 Managing access to color

Perhaps there are users in your business who only need black-and-white documents-copies of e-mails, for example. There may be other users' who almost always require color-such as graphics specialists responsible for creating marketing materials. Ensure the former isn't using color unnecessarily, while the latter has access to color capabilities almost exclusively. HP provides the color-access control critical to maximizing your investment in color.

 Job tracking and billing

A tremendous benefit to operational cost control is the ability to allocate the cost of color to a specific client, workgroup or user, and bill it back accordingly. (It is also a valuable tool for increasing awareness in departments that may not realize the cost of their color.) The ability to tie the cost of color to a specific job can greatly simplify calculations of overall job profitability and facilitate efficiencies.
»  Download "Color-access controls to maximize value" document (208 KB, PDF)

Monitor color printing by user or application

Control costs, replenish supplies and efficiently roll out color printing using HP's unique color-access control tools.

 Understand color usage

Run reports by user, job and device to get a clear picture of who is printing what on which printers. See which printers are being overused or underused and if users are printing documents in color that possibly don't need it.
»  HP Easy Printer Care
Track usage, get low-toner alerts and access troubleshooting help. This easy-to-use software is perfect for small to mid-size businesses, ships with most new HP printers and can also be downloaded online.
»  HP Web Jetadmin
Remotely track color usage with the Report Generation plug-in, install and configure groups of printers, and control and manage security. This free downloadable tool is perfect for managing printing at a large company.

 Use alerts and thresholds

When you know who is printing what, you can identify potential misuse and ask users or departments to reduce their color use.
»  HP Easy Printer Care
Review color usage on each printer on your small to medium-size network and ask users to scale back if necessary.
»  HP Web Jetadmin
Get proactive threshold alerts via a web page view or e-mail so you know when someone is printing more than they should.

 Understand printing trends

Add color printing to your organization slowly to test how it is used. Then, use reports to plan your continued rollout while managing costs effectively.
»  HP Easy Printer Care
Capture the use of color printing in simple-to-read reports that make basic color printing analysis quick, easy and useful.
»  HP Web Jetadmin
Get detailed reports on color printing activities throughout your organization and use customizable fields to track printing by application, page count, media and more as your business requires.

Control who has access to color printing

Easily give color to those who need it, regulate how much they print and even what kind of documents they print with HP color-access control features.

 Control who can print in color

Marketing teams, graphics teams and publishing teams in your office may require color printing but finance and software development may not. With HP, you choose who prints in color.
HP Color LaserJet printers
Use the HP Color LaserJet 5550, HP Color LaserJet CP6015, HP Color LaserJet 3800, HP Color LaserJet 4700, HP Color LaserJet CM6030/6040, HP Color LaserJet CP4005, HP Color LaserJet 4005 or HP Color LaserJet 3505 printers' embedded web server to create lists of users who can print in color.
»  HP Web Jetadmin
Configure drivers that allow or disallow color printing on any given printer by any specific user in your organization using the HP Web Jetadmin Driver Preconfiguration plug-in that comes with HP's free downloadable print-management software. Then use the driver distribution tool to distribute the drivers in bulk to user systems.

 Control who can copy in color

Not every color document needs to be copied in color, and not everyone needs color copying capabilities. Limit who has access to color copying to further reduce unnecessary use of color without restricting it altogether.
»  HP Color LaserJet 4700 MFP
Use the printer's embedded web server to define a PIN users must enter on the printer's control panel before they can copy in color.

 Specify what kind of documents can be printed in color

PDF, graphic and desktop publishing files may be good candidates for color while web pages and e-mail may not. You can limit color usage by restricting color printing to only a few key document types.
HP Color LaserJet printers
Use the HP Color LaserJet 5550, HP Color LaserJet CP6015, HP Color LaserJet 3800, HP Color LaserJet 4700, HP Color LaserJet CM6030/6040, HP Color LaserJet CP4005, HP Color LaserJet 4005 or HP Color LaserJet 3505 printers' embedded web server to create lists of users who can print in color.
»  HP Web Jetadmin
Preconfigure drivers using the centralized web-based HP Web Jetadmin Driver Preconfiguration plug-in to allow only certain applications to print documents in color on specific printers.

Bill internal departments for color printing

Manage IT budgets by billing internal users for their color printing.

 Easily track and charge for color printing

Departments tend to be more aware of their printing when their budget is billed for the costs.
»  Pharos Systems solutions
Pharos Uniprint tracks, monitors, measures, routes and optionally charges for networking printing. Pharos Blueprint sits invisibly on client computers monitoring all printing-whether local or network, online or off-line-and feeds this valuable information to a database for analysis and reporting.
»  Software Shelf
Software Shelf offers a variety of software tools to help you audit, analyze, restrict and set quotas for print traffic. Choose from an extensive set of tools to customize your print management solution.

75% of U.S. businesses surveyed* admitted...

...that they do not use network printing management tools. These companies are missing a huge savings opportunity. When it comes to managing color printing and associated costs, the right HP tools make all of the difference.
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