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Ideal customer deployment scenarios for the HP POD

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Deploy new data center capacity within weeks

Perhaps you have multiple data centers scattered around the country, some acquired through mergers or acquisitions.  Based on published statistics, half of them will run out of power or cooling in the next three years.  And some are probably in high energy-cost areas, with limited or expensive real estate available for expansion.  You may be going through a hurried budgeting exercise to plan for building or expanding a new data center for current and future capacity.  You are likely to expand one or more of your existing sites and are looking forward to completion in one to two years. 

With the HP POD, you can do something different. 

  • Have the right amount of capacity shipping from HP six weeks after your order…instead of building out space for current and future needs
  • Place the capacity in the least expensive energy area, closest to your computing need. 

In short, customize your data center growth exactly when and where you need it.

A temporary expansion site while you build out your new data center

Or you have your new data center strategy and plans all laid out ready to go.  Except that your new state-of-the-art data center will take over two years to build, and in the meantime you can’t expand your IT footprint.  You could co-locate, but your strategy is based on your own resources.  So you load additional air handlers into your existing data center, aggressively start managing their system power and hope for the best.

Or, you can add HP POD to your strategy:

  • By working with EYP MCF, you know exactly how much capacity is needed now, and in the next two years. 
  • In your HP POD, your IT equipment is configured ready for the new data center space, in full-depth, industry-standard 50U racks

The HP POD rolls into your facility, and is switched on and operating in a matter of days. And when the new data center opens, the racks will roll right into the new space.

Alternatively, you can save several million dollars and base your strategy on containers.

Affordable disaster-recovery sites

Your company knows it needs disaster recovery sites, but there’s no budget for backup locations.  Plus some of your data center locations have limited infrastructure anyway, so a backup location is even more expensive than usual.  And your energy costs are skyrocketing, and now you have to plan for more energy consumption.

This isn’t a problem.  With the HP POD your disaster recovery strategy is cheaper, less complex, flexible – and available.

The HP POD delivers:

  • the equivalent of 4,000 square feet of typical data center space 
  • capacity for over 3,500 compute nodes, or 12,000 hot plug hard drives, or a combination thereof
  • A backup site that doesn’t have to cost multiple millions of dollars, where your hardware that’s standard in your data center can be supported and which has the capacity to support future generations of IT

HP POD delivers the business impact that a flexible strategy can bring.  Meeting your needs? That should be a given.  Delivering a whole new realm of flexibility, deployment, time-to-ROI for your data center strategy? 

That’s revolutionary.

New and alternative data center growth strategies

Your company has a large data center footprint, a strong connection between business and IT, and is rapidly growing its IT ecosystem.  You want a way to build the optimal, complete data center environment.

EYP MCF works with you to plan approaches combining brick-and-mortar and containers, or even focused solely on containers.  With this alternate strategy, you instantly realize several advantages:

  • Postponement of large capital expenses:  You now buy data center space as you need it.  For large data centers, this can mean tens of millions of dollars in deferred expenses.
  • Less risk and reliance on accurate forecasting:  Related to the point above, in a brick-and-mortar environment you must accurately forecast the economy and your market, resulting business growth and your data center growth curve.  With the HP POD, capacity is added as required.
  • Flexibility in resource placement:  Consolidating data centers in a few existing locations may or may not be optimal for you customer support or energy costs.  With EYP MCF and the HP POD, you can use a consolidated or distributed strategy, with much more flexibility in available locations.

One of the key advantages of a customer-designed approach using HP’s POD is to move away from business constraints based on data center strategy.  Define your data center strategy, don’t be defined by it.

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