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MDBug from HP: For use with MariaDB and MySQL


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MDBug gives you the ability to debug MariaDB and/or MySQL routines. It is a component of the SQL Toolkit, an open source Java/Eclipse tool set for users, developers, and administrators of MariaDB and MySQL databases.

MDBug enables any MariaDB or MySQL client to view and control stored procedures and functions by sending commands like:

  • “debug” – to specify a routine
  • “step” – to execute a statement at a time
  • “set breakpoint” – to specify when to stop execution (features temporary and conditional breakpoints and setting breakpoints while the routine is still executing)
  • “step in” – to drop down to a routine within a routine
  • “display variables” – for the point where the procedure has stopped
  • “set” – to change variable values
  • “execute” – to insert dynamic SQL while at a breakpoint

MDBug is licensed under the GPL v2 with an EPL license exception.

You can download MDBug from Launchpad

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