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HP Open Source Health Check

Services for Open Source in the Enterprise

The use of open source software in the enterprise is steadily increasing as more and more businesses realize the ability of open source to help address business requirements and attain aggressive TCO goals.

Contrary to commercial software, however, open source software can enter the enterprise through multiple channels, possibly bypassing existing processes and policies and, in turn, leading to potential exposure around supportability and legal compliance. This has lead companies to recognize the urgency of properly managing open source as they would with every other asset in an enterprise.

HP Open Source Heath Check is a set of services designed to create a snapshot of how open source software is managed in an enterprise. An enterprise that is in control of its open source assets is able to answer the following questions: What open source software is used in the enterprise?  Where is it deployed?  And how?

An engagement of HP Open Source Health Check will provide an analysis of potential gaps in existing processes that could impede open source software management and generate an inventory of open source software deployed throughout the enterprise. Moreover, the engagement will identify additional areas where open source software could be leveraged, such as middleware directories and databases.

HP Open Source Health Check includes the following five components:

  1. Open Source Governance Workshop - a one-day workshop covering the key issues facing the management of open source software (OSS) in the enterprise. The workshop is targeted at a cross-organizational audience, including auditing, legal, procurement, operational risk management, technology strategy, and line-of-business management.

  2. Open Source Exploration Service - a one-week fixed-price service using the HP FOSSology tool-set to generate a snapshot of OSS components contained in a customer’s application portfolio. The information can be used to assess potential legal exposure as well as create the basis for an OSS repository for tracking and management purposes.

  3. Open Source Governance Assessment Service - Usually a 6 to 8 week engagement, this service provides a gap analysis between an organization’s existing OSS management practices against industry best practices. Customers will receive a set of recommendations on how to address these gaps.

  4. TCO Analysis Service - a time and material-based service utilizing an HP developed model to assess TCO and ROI when migrating existing or hosting new applications on Linux and OSS middleware platforms. The service leverages Alinean® technology to simplify data capture and presentation of results as well as provide cost comparisons between commercial and OSS software stacks.

  5. OpenLDAP Assessment Service - a one-week service providing an analysis of a customer’s directory infrastructure. It also evaluates the benefits of transitioning directories to OpenLDAP-based platforms and/or create new directories using OpenLDAP technology. The service leverages HP intellectual property engineered during HP's own OpenLDAP-based enterprise directory implementation.

Services Recommendations:

The HP Open Source Health Check can be tailored to meet customer-specific requirements, however HP recommends starting with

  • Step 1: Open Source Governance Workshop
  • Step 2: Open Source Exploration Service

If – as a result of these two services – customers feel comfortable in managing open source software software in their organization, they might skip

  • Step 3: Open Source Governance Assessment Service

… and proceed to either

  • Step 4: Open Source TCO Analysis Service


  • Step 5: OpenLDAP Assessment Service

… to identify potential cost savings by moving to open source software middleware technology.

Services to Complement HP Open Source Health Check:

If HP Open Source Health Check reveals problems with current conditions or uncovers new opportunities to take advantage of open source software, HP can offer the following additional services:

Open Source Governance Implementation Service
This is an up to a 6-month engagement to implement OSS governance processes. It is generally based on the recommendations from a previous assessment service and involves the development of open source policies as well as open source management systems.

Open Source Governance Tools Support Service
This annually renewable support service assists with the enterprise deployment of FOSSology tools and provides lifecycle management and support. It is also the basis for any subsequent customization and integration work engagements.

OpenLDAP Implementation Service
This service is delivered as a custom engagement and assists customers in migrating directories to an OpenLDAP platform or building new directories using OpenLDAP.

In addition to these services, HP Consulting & Integration services for Infrastructure Optimization and Application Modernization can be used to help customers establish Linux as a service platform for their business applications as well as migrate or re-host applications on this new platform.

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