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Service Quality Manager Administration


Large Enterprise Business

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Course description

This course covers all advanced integration methods available to administrate and monitor any SQM platform. This four-day course is 50 percent lecture and 50 percent hands-on labs including the full installation and configuration of an SQM platform. In addition, some introductory notions to understand the reporting capabilities of SQM are developed.


This course in intended for all audiences interested in gaining a more technical understanding of Service Quality Manager, including:

  • SQM customers, i.e. operators of any profile
  • SQM partners, i.e. integrators or TEMs
  • Engineers, Consultants, Architects, and Administrators who will be working with SQM


Before taking this course, you should have completed the SQM Fundamentals course.

No ORACLE or BUSINESSOBJECT knowledge is required even though some notions are always better.

Course Objective

After completing this course, you will know how to:

  • Install and configure any type of SQM director
  • Configure any individual SQM component (Naming Service, Logger, etc..)
  • Install and configure the SQM Service Adapters
  • Identify the faulty SQM component for troubleshooting the data collection chain process in SQM
  • Use the main SQM administration and monitoring tools such as TIBCO Designer and TIB/Hawk Display
  • Use the SQM tracing capabilities and use the SQM command line UI for any purpose
  • Install and configure the SQM Reporting
  • Create some basic ad-hoc reports using WEBINTELLIGENCE
  • Configure the reporting security using BO Supervisor

Benefits to You

Learn how to use SQM to:

  • Configure any individual SQM component (Naming Service, Logger, etc.)
  • Install and configure any type of SQM director
  • Install and configure the OV SQM Service Adapters
  • Install and configure the SQM Reporting, create basic customized reports

Detailed Course Outline

Service Quality Manager Building Blocks

  • SQM software kit packages overview
  • SQM Licensing policies

Service Quality Manager Installation

  • Service Quality Manager Installation process on hp UNIX
  • Service Quality Manager UIs installation on Windows
  • Labs: SQM platform complete installation (service level monitoring on hp UNIX server + windows presentation director)

Service Quality Manager Configuration

  • Presentation of the key service level monitoring components in the SQM data collection chain
  • Key variables and key certified messages to configure for each SQM components
  • Presentation of TIBCO Designer as an SQM platform configuration tool
  • Labs: SQM components validation checks, Introduction to TIBCO Designer, How to configure the SQM Naming Service, How to configure the SQM Logger

SQM Service Adapters

  • Service Adapters: Installation and configuration
  • Description of the Data Feeder Definitions files
  • Labs: Complete installation and configuration of Internet Services Service Adapter

SQM Administration &Troubleshooting

  • SQM Platform architectural concepts for administration
  • SQM Administration using TIB/Hawk Display and the TIBCO console manager
  • SQM Administration using TIB/Hawk Display and the TIBCO console manager
  • SQM Tracing capabilities: How to set traces on any SQM component and how to interpret the resulting log files
  • SQM Command Line User Interface (CLUI)
  • Labs on SQM Administration: Introduction to TIB/Hawk Display, Introduction to the SQM CLUI
  • Labs on SQM Troubleshooting: How to set traces with SQM, How to troubleshoot a complete service level monitoring data collection chain

SQM in a cluster environment

  • SQM in MC/SG generalities and architectural concepts
  • Description of the main packages
  • SQM key commands in a cluster environment
  • Troubleshooting tips

SQM Reporting

  • Introduction to SQM Reporting
  • How to access the pre-defined reports
  • Introduction of the DataMart functionalities and structure
  • How to customize ad-hoc reports using WEBINTELLIGENCE
  • Introduction to BUSINESSOBJECTS Designer
  • OV SQM Reporting security using BO Supervisor
  • Labs SQM Reporting: DataMart structure, creation of simple reports, creation of ad-hoc reports with and without modifications of BO Universe, security configuration using BO Supervisor.

For More Information

Please contact HP software training.

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Course overview

Course Title : Service Quality Manager Administration
Course Length : 5 days
Level : Intermediate
Delivery Language : English
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