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Exclusive innovations aimed at your biggest infrastructure headaches

  • Network complexity: HP Virtual Connect architecture wires the infrastructure once, then adds, replaces or recovers blades on the fly, without impacting networks and storage or requiring multiple experts at each step.
  • Rising energy costs: Smart, HP Thermal Logic technology pools and shares power and cooling, and provisions it to where it's needed most to save power every second of operation.
  • Complex management: Insight Control management includes built-in control interfaces and end-to-end software in a single package that are not only easy to use, but help you get the job done.
  • Unreliable service delivery: The NonStop midplane separates network and power midplanes and eliminates active components to create reliability for the total system while redundant power, cooling, management, network and server features maintain consistent, high-quality service delivery.

HP blades go beyond servers

  • With HP, you have a choice of all kinds of blades including servers, storage, virtual machines, PCs and workstations.
  • Built-in HP Thermal Logic technologies not only save system power and control heat but they also push less hot air into the environment to make your air conditioning more efficient.
  • With Insight Control management, you not only manage everything inside the BladeSystem as one group, you can manage everything outside it, too.
  • Unique HP Virtual Connect saves server administrator time and eliminates whole processes for other LAN and SAN administrators, making the whole team more productive and able to focus on the business instead of maintenance.
  • Virtualization in a BladeSystem extends beyond the server to the network. Storage and power/cooling help you use more of what you have and manage it with common tools.

We bring together the best of HP

The DNA of our best product lines is built directly into the HP BladeSystem. Multiple HP teams design unique blades and software for the BladeSystem and build in a variety of business solutions inside for many industries.

  • Integrity and ProLiant servers: Powerful, reliable server blades with the same features as HP award-winning rack and tower servers.
  • StorageWorks storage: Efficient, easy-to-manage storage blades to add data backup, security and storage expansion without adding a single cable.
  • HP Software: Built-in tools for quick, daily management and essential software tools for advanced management of server, storage and networking in a single package tailored to the way you work in your environment.
  • HP Desktops and Workstations: Combines a consistent user experience powered by an efficient BladeSystem in the data center for lower support costs and more secure data protection while supporting multiple users on a single blade.
  • HP Printers: Yes, even printer technology. We added the same LCD interface and an Onboard Administrator that helps with ink refills and paper jams to help with rapid setup, troubleshooting and repair across your infrastructure. NonStop and Superdome: Super-fast, highly reliable signal and power midplanes not only eliminate cables, but keep things up and running at top performance.

Finally, HP takes the most useful capabilities invented for the BladeSystem and integrates them back into our traditional product lines so everything from HP truly works better together—just like you expect it to.

We bring together the best from outside HP, too

Choosing HP gives you the power of partnership. Through the HP Solution Builder program, hundreds of companies build innovative technologies and create solutions exclusively for the HP BladeSystem. This also means you can connect to the networks and storage you use now, rely on the same standards you are familiar with and run the same operating systems and applications you run today.

  • Thousands of applications from trusted vendors including, Microsoft®, Oracle®, SAP, VMware, Citrix, Sage and open-source software as well as your custom applications.
  • Local partners in your area are certified to help you get the most from BladeSystems for your business.
  • Networking standards from Cisco, Brocade, HP, Mellanox, Intel, QLogic, Emulex and Blade Network technologies.
  • Connect to HP StorageWorks NAS and SAN solutions and third-party storage via Fibre Channel, Ethernet, iSCSI and SAS interconnects.
  • Support for multiple operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, NetWare, OpenVMS and VMware.
  • Choice of the latest multi-core Intel® Xeon™, Itanium® and AMD Opteron™ processors.

No compromises

For more than 11 years in a row, HP servers have been the most popular servers in the world, and for even longer HP has been a leader in storage and data protection solutions worldwide.

We don't believe you should compromise the trusted storage, server or network technologies you rely on today just to gain the advantages of blades. We make sure you can run the same applications and operating systems you want today and tomorrow, connect with everything in your environment now and never sacrifice on performance, data protection, reliability or efficiency.

Other blade designs cut features to try to save space or power or push a “one-size-fits-all” solution.  Some offer limited choices of servers, storage, networking or software compatibility. Even though our blades offer more memory, network performance and proven features like hot-plug disk drives, we get more storage and server capacity into each enclosure. Two more than IBM and six more than Dell.

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