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Store Concepts

Welcome to the HP Publishing Center. Retail concepts designed to drive sales beyond 4x6 prints.
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A better choice for the environment

OpenReduce your photo lab’s Carbon Footprint without compromising quality
OpenDesigned to reduce impact to the environment compared to Silver Halide Minilabs

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1 Based on 200+ years display permanence rating by Wilhelm Imaging Research Inc. using six-ink HP Vivera pigment inks on supplied HP photo paper.
2 Based on current published competitor speed specifications as of July 22, 2010.
3 Based on a 2010 life cycle assessment (LCA) performed by Four Elements Consulting and commissioned by HP. The study compared the impact of using HP ML1000D, HP ML2000D and HP Microlab pm2000e printers with the impact of using Fuji Frontier 350 and Noritsu QSS-3212 printers to produce 375,000 4 x 6-inch photos a year in Europe.
4 Compared with the average carbon footprint of the Fuji 350 and Noritsu QSS-3212 when printing 375,000 4 x 6-inch photos a year. Assumes a typical operating period is nine years. Calculated with the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator. For details, see www.epa.gov/cleanenergy/energy-resources/calculator.html.