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HP NetTop has been certified by the Cross Domain Technology Advisory Board (CDTAB) and received a successful rating from the Defense Security Accreditation Working Group (DSAWG). The rating received is the highest rating received to date for an access product.

HP NetTop™ delivers multiple network domains on one workstation to eliminate redundant hardware and reduce the TCO of high-assurance computing

The best defense against external threats is to never let them through the door. This principle, long applied in defense and intelligence communities, has become the standard in high-assurance computing environments as well, and is typically implemented through a physical “air gap” in which separate networks are physically disconnected from one another. Thus, users needing access to multiple security domains must employ a separate workstation for each domain.

HP NetTop is an information assurance solution architecture that transforms a single workstation into a high-assurance platform running multiple operating systems concurrently with total domain isolation between each OS and its attached network.  Operating systems such as Windows® 2000, Windows XP, Linux, and others execute in their own isolated “Virtual Machine” (VM) vault on the HP NetTop system, and run the same office productivity and other software applications as standalone PCs. Users switch between VMs with a mouse click.  HP NetTop provides a policy-driven barrier between VMs to prevent data leakage between security domains. To system administrators and their enterprise software systems, VMs are indistinguishable from stand-alone workstations on the network. Applications like Exchange, SMS, and HP OpenView work transparently with HP NetTop VMs.

One HP NetTop workstation replaces multiple workstations in environments where data isolation cannot be compromised. In these environments, users typically access different security domains/networks from different workstations—leaving the IT organization to deal with the cost, clutter, and complexity.

The HP NetTop solution is based on NSA’s NetTop research project and is supported by a suite of HP services that tailor HP NetTop to the needs of your unique enterprise. HP NetTop complies with NSTISSP No. 11, and is certified by the NSA Information Assurance Directorate to provide domain separation.

Why HP

HP NetTop is backed by:

  • Highly trained consultants and technical specialists with industry-recognized security certifications
  • Worldwide security solutions delivery and support team
  • In-depth expertise across today's security landscape, including technologies for firewalls, VPNs, authentication, identity management, and access control.
HP recognizes your enterprise may have unique security needs that require a custom solution, so the HP NetTop solution is offered as an integrated system of software and services to tailor HP NetTop to your environment. HP offers a menu of services to assess customer environments, tailor a security policy solution, pilot and roll out the solution, and provide documentation, administrator training, and continued software upgrades and support.

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