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Remote Office Solutions from HP

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Fact or myth: Straight talk on storage virtualization
Consolidated Client Infrastructure:  Watch the video
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Today, more and more companies recognize the advantages of moving business functions to lower cost locations. The trend, known as offshoring, has quickly expanded into areas such as software programming, call centers, legal research, credit analysis and loan processing. As a result, over two million offshore workers now support U.S. companies at a projected annual cost of $15 billion in 2007.

Far-reaching change, however, is seldom easy. Corporations have struggled to limit access and control of their valuable data and intellectual property. One major U.S. health insurance firm, for example, lost more than 100,000 patient records due to theft through its own offshore operation.

For many businesses, incidents like this underscore one of offshoring’s persistent headaches: providing and managing an efficient, secure IT infrastructure.

Same pieces, new solution

HP has come up with a revolutionary response to this challenge. It’s called HP Consolidated Client Infrastructure (CCI), and its strength lies with a new architecture that decisively resolves many of the biggest IT challenges in conducting overseas business. 

CCI’s fundamental building block is the blade PC. Blade PCs break apart traditional ways of organizing compute and storage resources, and reunite them in new ways.

For example, a blade PC takes the physical PC off your desk and replaces it with a thin client. The thin client connects to a dedicated blade that sits in a chassis in the data center. The blade is dynamically allocated from a group each time you log on. 

Once connected, you use a blade PC just like any other PC. You have your own desktop environment, and use Microsoft Windows XP Professional to access applications and storage resources located and maintained in the data center.

The CCI advantage

The CCI solution is unique in the industry. Its advantages—increased manageability, security, and agility that deliver TCO savings—come from centralized storage and management, and the one-to-one connection that users establish with dynamically allocated blade PCs. There’s no better way to equip an existing offshore operation or ramp up for a new one.

To learn more about the solutions CCI offers to the challenge of offshoring, download Remote Office Solutions with Blade PC's Whitepaper

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