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April, 2006
Chris Smith-Hewlett Packard                             

Hewlett-Packard has recently release a new end-to-end LS-Dyna Utility Computing Service as a solution offering under their HP Flexible Computing Services portfolio. This unique utility computing service offers LS-Dyna customers servers, networking, storage and LS-Dyna licensing, all hosted at an HP-owned data center. The service is available now on a "per cpu-hour" basis to run LS-Dyna jobs.

Everyday, critical LS-Dyna jobs are pushed out or canceled altogether because of budget, IT, and project deadline constraints. There can be very significant opportunity costs as a result. A slip in project schedule for the design of a new product isn’t an option. In the past, there was no opportunity to work around limited capital asset budgets, resources, and deadline constraints, but compromises had to be made in deciding which LS-Dyna jobs would get run and which scenarios would have to be sacrificed. The problem with this scenario is that the development teams could have provided additional confidence in the product design, performance, and quality. More LS-Dyna analysis would have provided such benefits.

The long-term financial impact to the overall business can be huge. Product problems could have been identified early on so they are much less likely to manifest themselves when the product goes to production. The cost to find a problem with a product design grows exponentially the farther you get into the product design/production life-cycle. The end result can affect product quality ratings, increase warranty costs, and even increase potential for product-driven injury and create corporate liability issues.

Continuing to increase the amount of analysis to support product design, early on, is essential to ensuring that companies and their products remain competitive. The LS-Dyna HP Flexible Computing Services now allow LS-Dyna users to get access to as much compute resource as they need, when they need it, and still meet critical project deadlines and budget constraints.

The LS-Dyna Flexible Computing Service is a pay-as-you go service. There is no long-term financial commitment needed to use the service. You can use it once and only pay for the cpu-hour’s of hardware and LS-Dyna software you reserved. It is designed to extend and complement your in-house LS-Dyna resources.

HP configures for you the exact LS-Dyna and operating system version you require. There is no worry about having to use a "standard" setup, which could lead to inconsistent answers when comparing to in-house runs. Everything you need to run your LS-Dyna jobs is included: head nodes, compute nodes, networking interconnect, operating systems, systems configuration, LS-Dyna licenses, and even batch job queuing software if needed. All you need to do is log on and submit your jobs. Access to the resources is via SSH, VPN or dedicated leased line, at the customer’s choosing.

Customers typically pay out of operating expense budgets, preserving critical capital dollars. This also allows users and their IT departments to directly tie work from a specific project to an IT cost.

HP configures and maintains the latest high-performance Opteron, Xeon, and Itanium infrastructure that is specifically designed to run LS-Dyna jobs. HP keeps the environment refreshed with the fastest technology available, so users can expect to have access to the highest performance LS-Dyna environment, year after year. This is in contrast to in-house resources that quickly age from a technology perspective once they are procured. HP’s infrastructure enables clients to continue "pushing the envelope" on product analysis, with larger LS-Dyna models at finer resolution, and over increased time scales.

The Flexible Computing resources are 100% dedicated to a client during an LS-Dyna utility computing engagement. This provides a high-level of security, and it helps to ensure that all of the potential computing power is available to the client during the engagement period.

Security is best-in-class, run from HP’s Tier-3 HP Data Centers. Access to these centers is tightly controlled with procedures and policies in place to ensure both logical and physical security of the environment and of customers’ data. And when a client is done using the service, all customer data and scratch space is "scrubbed" clean using the best techniques available to ensure there is no trace of data left. HP even turns over root password control to the client, so they have total control of the environment to further ensure the security of their company’s confidential data that gets submitted to the LS-Dyna HP Flexible Computing Service. HP is industry recognized for running highly secure IT environments for our clients and our own company. We protect and guard the client’s intellectual property using the same processes and procedures we use to guard HP’s sensitive data.

HP helps customers change the opportunity cost equation by enabling LS-Dyna customers to get more work done in less time, at a lower cost, while increasing end-product performance and quality. Other key benefits that accrue to the LS-Dyna user include:

  • No expensive hardware, application or infrastructure assets to own
  • Optimum scheduling flexibility
  • Ability to pay for cycles out of a department’s operating budget
  • Avoid the requirement to justify with senior management the need for hard-to-get capital asset budget dollars

LS-DYNA users can now realize these benefits as they reserve time on a complete LS-Dyna "public" utility infrastructure with as little as 48 hours notice. The LS-Dyna HP Flexible Computing Service fills the need for the LS-Dyna analysis resources required. Users can now properly evaluate all potential designs while meeting critical project deadlines with higher product performance, quality, and improved competitiveness.

For more Information, visit http://www.hp.com/go/utility and click on HP Flexible Computing Services for more information and to request a consultation with one of our Flexible Computing Services experts.

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